Educational but not too dramatic

Dot Cada, Loveland business owner; member of Thompson Valley Rotary

When I think about Shelley Widhalm, I think first what a great job she has done by bringing professionalism to her nonprofit reporting on community efforts. For example, when Shelley found out that one of the Thompson Valley Rotary Burmese representatives was in town, she managed to interview and have an excellent photo of him in his native custom all within the four days he was here. What she wrote was educational, but not too dramatic, just the correct combination to motivate. Ticket sales attested to her skills. I find her combination of information and storytelling makes you want to continue and find out what will happen next.


Years of Crisp+Clear+Concise

Janet Montera, Loveland Writer, Speaker and Author of Life Stories

As a writer and speaker and author at, I've worked with Shell's Ink Services and each time have come away with what I wanted to achieve and what I asked to be accomplished. Shelley Widhalm, principal and founder, will help to direct your goals and then help you accomplish them. Shelley has years of Crisp + Clear + Concise accomplishments. Don't let your imaginings wait for another time.


Heartfelt way of telling stories

Carrie Faye Thompson, Owner of Remain Teachable

Check out Shelley Widhalm, folks! I have always loved her heartfelt and accurate way of telling stories to her community and found it to be a beautiful gift. If you need any writing services, I highly recommend her.


Effective, timely communications

Bob McCluskey, Former Colorado State Representative; Partner with Smart Document Management

I would highly recommend Shelley Widhalm for your communication needs.Businesses today need to be able to communicate both in hard copy and digitally. Shelley has demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate in both medians in a timely fashion.


Making it tighter and free of error

Jennifer Tracy, Loveland Motivational Speaker, Jennifer Tracy-Inspire

It was a pleasure working with Shelley Widhalm. She improved my manuscript, making it tighter and free of error. She provided content editing that improved the structure while maintaining the voice in which I wrote it. She is professional to a tee, and I will be using her again in the future.


Telling stories well

Veronica Patterson, Loveland Poet and Editor

It is always a pleasure to work with Shelley Widhalm on articles and poems-anything involving language. With her background in newspaper writing and her experience with fiction and poetry, she understands the inner structure of each story and moves the language, sentence by sentence and word by word, toward telling it well.