Grab Writing with a Bang!

The Fourth of July-themed centerpiece adorns the mantle at the Chilson Senior Center in Loveland, Colo, with the American flag next to the fireplace.

By Shelley Widhalm

Busy business owners need a break, so enjoy your Fourth with family and friends. What are your plans?

I’m going for a run, working on my novel, visiting my mom, going to my brother’s holiday get-together and watching the fireworks. I love days off in the middle of the week, but I also find I don’t make enough time for my own writing. I need to be better about carving out that crucial, passion-fulfilling writing time, even if it’s for just five hours a week.

What do you feel like you’re setting aside in your busy day? Is it that blog, article or other piece of writing that needs written or edited? Is it learning how to enjoy and be comfortable with writing?

If you need a blog or article to add sparkle to what you do, think of Shell’s Ink. Or I can give you some tips on how to achieve great quality writing.

Note: I provide editing, writing and ghostwriting services and can help you perfect your project from a short story to a novel. I also offer consultations on writing and editing through #ShellsInkServices.

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