Merry Christmas with Cute Dog Photos

Shelley Widhalm of Shell’s Ink Services is holding Zoey, dressed up in her Christmas shirt, after opening presents with her family during Christmas 2019.

By SHelley Widhalm

Merry Christmas! Today is a day to celebrate and not think about writing, blogging or editing—unless you’re a journaler or impulse writer.

This week, I thought I’d share some photos of my family holiday traditions that, of course, include cute puppy photos of Zoey the Very Cute Dachshund. She just turned 13 on Dec. 20, so she loves treats, toys and attention, all T-type words!

My family and I used to open up stocking gifts on Christmas Eve and presents under the tree on Christmas Day. Now, we mainly trade gift cards and an occasional present, but Zoey gets her own presents, usually rawhide, treats, a new toy and a re-wrapped teddy bear. She opens her presents all on her own!

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays and happy however you cherish your traditions. Happy New 2022!

Zoey opens her own presents during Christmas 2019.

Shelley Widhalm of Shell’s Ink Services is excited about getting a coffee shop gift card during Christmas 2019.

Shelley Widhalm of Shell’s Ink Services, left, opens a gift from her sister-in-law, Kim, as she looks on.

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